SCULPTURES - Diane Mason Biography
Got Any Milk?
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10''h x 8''w x 9''d
Bronze - Patinaed Finish, Natural hues, Hand-applied
Number 14, Edition of 30
Artist's Statement:
I grew up in northern Illinois, where we had lots of huge maple trees … and lots of squirrels. We found the squirrels entertaining and endearing, and sometimes gave them little treats – a peanut butter or oatmeal cookie, nuts, etc. It wasn’t long before they had our whole family “trained”. They would come on the ledge of the dining room window and peer in the glass at the family gathered for a meal. As soon as one of us left the table, the squirrels would be off to meet us at the door, where we could hand them their reward. Even as they were eating, and making sure no other squirrel was going to grab their treat, they would start to beg for more! Totally adorable little beggars!
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